Uploading Photos to Wetransfer.com

In order to send photos of projects to the club we suggest that you send them via wetransfer.com. This is a simple and free website which has several benefits over using emails.
1) Less restriction on the size of files you can send
2) Send multiple files easily
3) Easier to organise and download submissions

As not everyone will be familiar with wetransfer.com these instructions should guide you on the easy process.

Step 1: Go to www.wetransfer.com
Step 2: You may need to click the “skip-to-free” button, it is not necessary to pay for the premium service
Step 3: you should land on this page:


Step 4: Click on “Add your files” and a box will pop up. Browse to find the folder that your images are saved in, select the images you want to send and click open. The file names of the images you have selected will appear where “Add your files” was. You can click to add more files.


Step 6: In the “E-mail to” box type: kinetoncc@hotmail.co.uk


Step 7: In the “Your email” box enter your e-mail address (this will send you a notification to let you know that the files have been sent and when they have been downloaded, you will not be spammed)

You can also type a message to say what is included in the files you have sent – please include your name in the message


Step 8: Click “Transfer” at the bottom and the files will begin to upload. Wetransfer will show you the progress of the files that are uploading. Do not close the page during the uploading process


Step 9: When the upload is finished the website will tell you and you will also receive and e-mail to confirm your message has been sent